Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging 5.15.2016

After sending energy healing to my Facebook Group for Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging (CLICK HERE TO JOIN), I channeled this message from the Guardian Angels + Spirit Guides. I hope it brings some Light and Love into your life.
Love, Deborah

Do you have any idea how loved you are? Do you know that we in the Angelic realms love you and cherish every minute that you anchor your beautiful light into the world? We watch over you, guide you and protect you because you are the ones doing the "dirty" work.

You are the ones who get down in the trenches of the earth and face the challenges with all the strength that you can find in your hearts. You are the ones who love each other through the difficulties and the setbacks. You are the ones who are building your faith, believing in the Light even when your world seems full of shadows. You are the ones with the hardest job. Ours is easy compared to yours.

That is why we are here to help you. That is what we ask you to let us help. Let us be your strength. Let us be your power. We have infinite resources available to us. We can share as much assistance as you are willing to receive.

Please open your heart and let us in. Open your spirit to receive our love and support. For you have our never-ending devotion available at all times. Many of us have been on earth, we have felt the pain and the suffering, as well as the triumph and the treasure. We know the way through the darkness and into the light. Let us show you. Let us help you. But most of all, let us love you.

You have taken on this body and these life challenges. Some of them have been easy for you. And some have been very, very hard. But you have done the work and shined through them all the best that you could. And we are so grateful. Our adoration and deep appreciation is with your always. It always has been and always will be.

We know that things don't always work out the way you'd like them to, but please trust us when we say that they are working out the way the need to, for the greatest growth and expansion of all. It may not make much sense to you while you are here on earth, but you will understand when you return home. Until then, just have faith in the divine order of all things, trust in your own ability to move through your life's challenges and know that you are loved so much more than you will ever know.