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Imagine what it would be like to feel completely and radically free.

There has never been a time quite like the one you are living in now, where science continues to prove that there is more to your mind, body and soul than previously imagined. The reality is, there is a new reality and Higher Brain Living® is on the forefront of that journey.
Although the definition of freedom varies from person to person, we believe that living "free" means that you are living up to the highest measure of your complete potential and that you are experiencing all of life with an abundance of joy, peace and ease.
What would life look like for you if that were true? It can happen and we'd like to show you how.
At this free event, you will:
  • Meet and interact with the Higher Brain Living® Team as well as the Founder, Dr. Michael Cotton. Learn more about how the Higher Brain Living® Program is a "movement that changes lives."
  • See 2 live, mind-blowing demonstrations
  • Learn the proven scientific method that makes Higher Brain Living® different from anything else out there in the self-development market
  • Hear about the programs offered only through the Institute
  • Learn about leading-edge research and measurable results through EEG scans
  • Experience the Higher Brain Living® Guidebook, or life map, that charts your course for a lifetime of transformation

Additional Opportunity!

Attend the Higher Brain Living® Institute's "A New Brain, A New Beginning: Immersion Retreat" in Chicago! Surround yourself with people who are looking for similar growth and transformation, expand your knowledge of science and consciousness, and change the physiology of your brain to unleash your full potential...