Happy New Moon!

Holding you all in my heart during this lovely New Moon.  If your life is feeling upside down, take a few minutes to see what garbage is trying to be shaken out. Sometimes, Spirit turns everything inside out, so we can get rid of patterns that don't really work for us anymore. If you're feeling that way, I'd like to invite you to take some time to let go. Let go of your fears and frustrations. Toss out your insecurities and doubts. Release your anger and reactivity. Let the world see the beam of light and truth that you really are. Show us your strength and determination. Show us your resourcefulness and resilience. Your passion and purpose. Show us what you've got, so we can cheer you on. So we can learn from you. So we can be inspired by you. Let us hold up a mirror so you can see it too. Cuz, empowerment looks so good on you.
- Deborah Lighthart (www.deborahlighthart.com)