The Chakra Activation Series

Are your chakras BLOCKED?
R...u...n...n...i...n...g...   S..l..o..w..l..y...?
or maybe even sdrawkcab?

This could be the reason you haven't been able to make changes in your life! Please join Energy Healer + Intuitive Reader, Deborah Lighthart, for 6 weeks of recorded group energy sessions that will bring healing to all 7 of your major chakras. You'll enjoy 13 mp3s that will focus healing into the front and back of each chakra, helping you to activate your true spiritual potential.

Using the Energy Bath Personal Transformation Program, this series combines easy energy-shifting techniques like:  Guided MeditationEnergy Healing, Reiki, Spirit Messaging, Breathwork, Conscious Awareness Questions, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sacred Sound, Shamanic Journeying, Gentle Exercise, Mudras, Mantras + more

This program may not be for everyone. Some people may not be prepared for the rapid energetic shifts or be ready to release their emotional baggage. Some may just not like the process. For this reason, I want you to be able to try this program first, to see if it's right for you. You don't need to join a mailing list or enter any credit card information. There is NO Obligation whatsoever! All you need to do is....

* No Supplies or Experience Necessary *
Crown Chakra Activation
If Blocked, You Could:
Feel Disconnected from Spirit/Higher Power
Unable to See the Deeper Meaning in Life
Experience Headaches, Migraines
When Open, You Will:
Feel Connect with Spirit/Higher Power
Know your Place in the Divine Plan
Release Pain/Pressure in Your Head
Third Eye Chakra (front)
If Blocked, You Could:
Feel like you live in a fog, Think Negatively
Feel Disconnected from your intuition 
Have poor eyesight or sinus troubles
When Open, You Will:
Be Able to Think Clearly + Positively
Access Your Intuition Freely + Openly
Improve Eyesight and Sinus Health
Throat Chakra (front)
If Blocked, You Could:
Have trouble saying what you think or feel
Feel unable to ask for what you want or need,
Have thyroid, teeth, gums, jaws or throat issues
When Open, You Will:
Speak your truth, Get your needs met, 
Be nourished by foods, by others and the world, 
Improve Thyroid, teeth, gums, jaws and throat
Heart Chakra (front)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Feel unlovable or unable to love others, 
Unable to have satisfying relationships
Experience heart, lung or breast issues
When Open, You Will: 
Be able to give and receive love,
Experience Satisfying Relationships,
Improve heart, lungs or breast health
Solar Chakra (front)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Lack Confidence, Feel Full of Doubts + Fears
Feel Unsure of Your Purpose/Spiritual Mission
Have Poor Digestion or Weak Internal Organs
When Open, You Will: 
Feel Confident and Sure of Yourself
Connected to your Life's Work + Soul Purpose
Improve digestion, Strengthen internal organs
Sacral Chakra (front)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Feel sad, angry or depressed, unable to find joy
Feel Negatively about Creativity or Sexuality,
Have Reproductive or Hip Issues
When Open, You Will: 
Be aware of your emotions, Find Your Joy,
Feel Better about Creativity + Sexuality 
Improve Reproductive + Hip Health
Root Chakra Activation
If Blocked, You Could:
Feel tired/lazy or Have a Weak Immune System
Feel like you don't belong in this world
Have Issues with Legs, Ankles, Feet or Finances
When Open, You Will:
Increase stamina, strength and immunity
Feel rooted in the world and with your tribe
Improve Legs, Ankles, Feet + Finances

Sacral Chakra (rear)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Lack Emotion or Passion Completely, 
Have Little to No Creativity or Sex Drive 
Have issues with your Lower Back/Tailbone
When Open, You Will: 
Naturally temper and balance your emotions
Increase the quantity of Creativity + Sexuality
Improve your Lower Back/Tailbone Health
Solar Chakra (rear)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Have Negative Feelings about your Body
Have trouble taking care of yourself
Have Pain/Tension with your Middle back
When Open, You Will: 
See your Body in a Loving Way
Take Better Care of yourself
Relieve Pain/Tension in your Middle Back
Heart Chakra (rear)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Feel unsupported, unloved and unappreciated
Live without the support of friends or family
Have issues with your upper back
When Open, You Will: 
Be able to get what you want out of your life
Establish + Maintain a Loving Support Network
Release tension or pain in your upper back
Throat Chakra (rear)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Have trouble speaking up for yourself at work
Feel unable to find your professional niche
Have issues with your neck or shoulders
When Open, You Will: 
Be able to express yourself in business
Feel Connected to your Work 
Release tension in your neck/shoulders

Third Eye Chakra (rear)
If Blocked, You Could: 
Feel like nothing ever seems to work out,
Like you can't just make a plan to stick to it
Have issues with upper neck/cranial sacral area
When Open, You Will: 
Be able to build your plans in reality
Manifest Your Dreams in the World
Release stress in upper neck/back of head