Let's Talk About Fear

Let's talk about fear:
If you seem to be experiencing a little more uneasiness, anxiety, stress, frustration or raw fear lately, you're not alone. Seems like there's a lot of it going around.
In our personal lives, our work lives and our global environment, big changes are bringing big stressors. Fear is a natural response.
Fear in itself isn't a problem.It's part of the human condition - a way to alert us to genuine physical dangers. Our responses to fear can cause us physical and emotional pain, and block us from experiences that would add joy to our lives.

Fear is inevitable. Allowing it to drain our life force is not!
Bonnie Hutchinson and I are co-hosting a four-week program called "Dancing with Fear." It starts next Monday, March 14. You can find out more here. 
This program will help you
  • Tell the difference between helpful fear that alerts you to real danger, and debilitating fear that drags you down and holds you back
  • Heal and release underlying fears that show up as procrastination, anxiety, irritation or confusion
  • Transform low-level anxiety or high-intensity fear into momentum and celebration
  • Dance with fear in a spiraling dance of creativity
Here's where this program came from. A few weeks ago, Bonnie and I co-hosted a webcast called "Dancing with Fear: Join forces with fear in a dance of creation."
We really touched a nerve! Many people registered for that webcast, and the comments we received during and after the webcast told us that people found it really valuable. Here's one example:
     "Hi Bonnie, Wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the call on Thursday. It was great synergy between you and Denise and loved what you both had to share! One of the things I like a lot about your webinars is the combination of theory and experiential – you provide great info and then a chance for us to personalize and then integrate – love it! I was excited to hear you are doing an expanded course and I am really looking forward to it!"
As we were preparing for the webcast, Bonnie and I realized we had much more to share than we could contain in one webcast. We decided to create a four-session program where we could go into more depth about strategies and approaches to help transform fear into energy that supports us instead of debilitating and blocking us.
Please join us for an interactive journey of discovery, expansion and radiant self-love – even loving the part of you that you've labeled "fear."  You deserve it!
One more thing:  If you know anyone who is pushing the envelope's edge or dancing at the end of their comfort zone, please feel free to forward this e-mail to them so they can check it out too!
Here's to dancing with fear!

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