Energy Medicine Monthly - MAR 2016

MARCH 2016
With yesterday being a "Leap Day," it got me to thinking about the leaps of faith we all take in life and how hearing about other people's leaps can help us to find the courage to take our own. Many of you have such amazing stories to tell. Stories of healing and inspiration. Stories of faith and spiritual connections. Stories magic and mystery. We could all benefit so much for hearing each other's stories. SO, if you're ready to share yours, PLEASE message me! We can record a video, a phone call or you can just EMAIL ME. You can even stay anonymous if you like. Don't be shy! You never know who will be inspired by you.
Love + Light,
Deborah Lighthart
The Cleansing Breath

Love + Relationships in the Akashic Records by Mary Baxter

I Believe in Your by Sivan Garr

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To My Art Critics

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Overcoming Illness

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