Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging 3.29.2016

As I was channeling this morning's energy healing to my Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging Facebook Group, I received the following message from the Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. I thought that it could be helpful to others on the path of personal growth and spiritual development, so I am sharing it here too. Enjoy! - Love + Light, Deborah Lighthart

"We are here to assist your evolution. We love and support you in every way. Please open your hearts to receive our love and guidance. Your heart is the gateway to Truth, to Love and to your own dreams. It is the center of your consciousness, the space where the power of the Universe resides within. 

Breathe into your heart. Listen to your heartbeat. It regulates your life force. It is the drumbeat of your soul. Exercise to activate that flow. Let it remind you of your purpose. 

Put your hands over your heart. Feel your pain. Your heartbreak. Let it heal. Let us activate the power of love in you. It is the most powerful healing force in the whole Universe and we are here to help you access it."