To My Art Critics

In addition to being a healer and a psychic, I'm also painter. Over the years, I've heard countless critiques of my work. Some people love it. Some like it. Some hate it. And, some people just don't understand it. It's rough around the edges. It's emotionally raw. Maybe a little TOO raw. They see my unrefined techniques and primal strokes and wonder if I'm really a light worker, since we should all be sweetness and love and pretty little glowing hearts, right?

But you know what, I'm not here to gloss up what is already pretty. I'm here to bring healing to a different part of humanity. I'm here to shine the Light into the dark, ugly places deep inside. The places you hide from the world. The places that you hide from yourself. The places you wish you could erase. I'm here to take love into all of THOSE places. Those places where you think it doesn't belong. And by doing so, helping us all to heal.

Because every wound, every hurt, every shadow that exists inside of you,  exists inside of us all. We are all one. My healing is your healing is our healing, even if it doesn't look the way you think it should.    ~ Deborah