Relationship Creation Experiment

This came in a few weeks ago from my dear friend, Bridgett. I thought it could be helpful to some of you, so I wanted to share it. 


I'm so excited to share this with you. I have had so much fun putting together an experiment to create better relationships. It is jam packed with sparkly energy, questions and new ideas as well as a big smile and hug from me.

Whatever your current status is what would it be like to improve your experince? How could your marriage become more fun? What would be possible to attract for your next date? How many extra kisses and joy could you receive?

It's my first experiment. Want to play along? Just listen to this and see if something shifts for you. Totally easy peasy . You could listen while you brush your teeth every day, put it on repeat every night on low while you sleep, giggle at me as you listen and drive to an appointment or just once to humor me ;)

I double dog dare you to give it a spin and experiment with creating a sweeter sweetie.

Here is a link to the drop box and if that doesn't work for you let me know and I will attach it in a message.

Let me know what shows up :)

Oh ya, feel free to share with anyone you would like.

Big hugs,