Lifting the Clouds

This rose quartz wand was a birthday gift from my son +
his girlfriend. It came from
All weekend long, I was feeling really dense and heavy. I know that I made some poor food choices (like cheesy garlic bread and a heaping bowl of macaroni + cheese) and I'm sure that added to the feeling of heaviness, but this was something more than just the food. My energy field was feeling dark, heavy, pained and burdened. 

The feeling happens to me sometimes when I work a lot, but I haven't been working that much the past few weeks. So, I'm not really sure what triggered it. Maybe the worries about moving? The stress of taking on a larger house and bigger expenses? Whatever it was, I needed to clear it out and get back to myself again.

So last night, I did a chakra healing on myself with my new crystal wand. I started at my crown and took my time with each chakra. When I got to the root, I fell asleep. A very deep sleep. Like I was drugged. I know this only because my kids woke me up like a half hour later and I was completely unable to function. I could barely put a sentence together or stumble to the bathroom. I didn't even think I could keep my eyes open!

I put my wand away and went to bed. I slept 10 solid hours and woke up feeling a little groggy, but definitely lighter and more clear. Like whatever fog was hanging over me is starting to dissolve. The weird thing is that my wand's clear quartz point changed. It developed a cloud through it. This means the wand had absorbed so much energy that it changed it's internal structure, leaving visible signs of the healing work it had done.

I got really sad thinking that I had ruined my new birthday gift. I felt shame around the pains that I still carry and I started to apologize to the wand for dumping my heavy burdens onto it. The message that I got back from the wand was that it came to me to help me heal and that I shouldn't feel bad about it doing it's job. This was exactly why it was here, to help me release these pains. It helps me to heal, so I can help others to heal. 

What a gift! Mother Nature sure knows her stuff. She creates these beautiful little healers to help us all. If you haven't tried crystals yet, I encourage you to explore. They are powerful like energy changers.

Love + Light,
Deborah Lighthart