Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging 2.1.2016

I spent 20 minutes sending energy healing to my Facebook Group for Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging. (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)  I had full body tingles almost the entire time. Such strong energies coming through for us this morning! Below, is the message that came from Spirit during the session. I hope it brings some Light and Love into your life.
Love, Deborah

This is a time of great awakening. It is happening all over the planet. This is a time to remember your Truth. To Embrace Your Infinite Power. You were born to manifest the glory of the heavens right here on earth. 

Your pains and suffering come from dishonoring yourself in some way. Either in this lifetime, or in another one. Honor yourself. Honor yourself and love yourself. You are divine creation of holy light. Never ever forget that.

As you take the steps needed to honor your body, your emotions, your mind and your spirit, you will find your suffering fading away. You are here on earth to be your own personal version of the Divine. Give yourself to your own growth and development and you will become all that you dream of being.