Just wow.

This morning, my eyes are full of tears, but they are good tears. They are tears of love. Pure, true, total love. Last night, I celebrated my birthday with just my close family. My parents, my sister + brother-in-law and my kids (minus the one that is in Chicago for the weekend). They gifted me with incredibly thoughtful things. Gifts that were so perfectly chosen, you'd have thought that I made a list for them. The gifts in and of themselves are so freaking awesome and I am so grateful, but they in and of themselves are not the reason for my tears. It's the message behind them that blows me away. 

The fact that they chose such perfect gifts means that they know me. I mean REALLY KNOW me. They know what I like. What I don't like. What I need. What I don't need. They know my quirky, crazy set of beliefs and values. These people know me and all my flaws and they still love me. They love me enough to come and sit at my house when they could have been doing a million other things, but they came to be with me on my birthday. They came to show me that they love and appreciate me, even if I've made mistakes. Even if I've done stupid, careless things to hurt them in the past. Even if I've said ugly, hateful things. Even if my house is messy. Or I smell bad. Even if I've failed to be there for them in their hour of need. Even if I've given them terrible advice. Or rejected their very good advice. Even if I've broken their hearts or if I've let them break mine. Or even if I've broken my own heart and blamed it on them, they still love me. Can you believe that? THEY STILL LOVE ME! They love for me who I am. With all my bullshit and drama. With all my whining and complaining. THEY STILL LOVE ME! Warts and all. No matter what. And I still love them. Warts and all. No matter what. And that, my friends. that is the most incredible and amazing gift that anyone, anywhere could ever get.

That is what is filling these eyes of mine with tears, this morning. Because, to love and to be loved is the greatest freaking gift of all.

To know this, to live this truth and see it full color is just the most soul-affirming experience. So, during this blessed full moon, I pray for this for you. May you be surrounded with the clear and complete awareness of how loved you truly are. May you feel it in your heart. May you see it in your life. Know it in your soul. May your vision be full of the love that is in you and all around you. Through my teary, sobbing, squinty eyes, I wish for the Truth to touch your heart, too.

Love, Deborah