ATTN HOLISTIC HEALTH PROVIDERS! Your help is needed at this event....

I am writing to invite you to join us on February 13, 2016 at the War Memorial in Milwaukee for our first "A Gift from the Heart of Community" for Service Members and their families. Still Point Zen Center, Vets Journey Home, and DryHootch will be organizing and providing this day of healing as a thank you to our Military Service Members and veterans. We believe " You served your country and now it is time for you to transfer the responsibilities, burdens, and duty back to the people of the United States. It is collectively our turn to serve you."

Each day there are 22 suicides by active duty and veterans in the United States. Help us to give them the tools they need, from a caring community, to continue to live and feel supported until they can heal. Below is a list of services we hope to provide;

Myofascial Therapy Massage Therapy Reflexology Therapy Acupuncture Reiki Dance/Movement Art project Meditation Yoga EFT Poetry writing space

My hope is that we can partner in this event and eventually bring it to and other surrounding communities. If you have any questions please contact me by E-mail or phone. If you or a service provider you know is interested in joining in this event please contact: 

Rev. Khyati Penney Johns
Still Point Zen Center
Phone: 414-531-7575