Happy Holidays!

December 2015
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Happy Holidays! I'd like to take a minute to thank you for being in my life in whatever way you are. Some of you are close friends, some are distant acquaintances, and some of you I've never met before, but no matter who you are, I am so grateful that you are part of my network. Just knowing that you are out there in the world, shining your light and helping others to do the same, knowing that in some kind of way we are sharing this journey together makes me smile. It warms my heart to know that through all of the ups and downs, that we are in this together. So, thank you. Thank you for being in the world, but especially, thank you for being in MY world. 

May this holiday season bless you with plenty of love, plenty of light, plenty of laughter and delight, and everything else your heart desires. Wishing you + your family all the best in 2016. I hope our paths continue to stay connected.
Love + Light, Deborah Lighthart
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