Natural Eczema Treatment

My two littlest children + I have struggled with eczema on and off for most of our lives. I have tried so many different creams and lotions with a varying stages of natural/organic-ness. Finally, my daughter came across "Shea Moisture African Black Soap" on youtube and asked me to try it. I wasn't feeling very hopeful, but we found it at our local Target store and it didn't cost a fortune (around $10/bottle), so I figured we could give it a shot.

I'm so glad we did! It clears the eczema so quickly, it almost seems like magic. The itch goes away almost immediately. And the rash itself begins to dry and clear within hours. What a relief!

The only drawback we found, was that because the herbal blend is very drying (which it has to be in order to dry the dampness of the eczema itself), it doesn't feel very moisturizing. We balance that out by using a little grapeseed oil or other lotion later in the day.

Overall, we love this product and will definitely be investing in more of it. If you have skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, it could be helpful for you too. 

Deborah Lighthart