Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging 11.29.2015

I spent 30 minutes sending energy healing to my Facebook Group for Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging. (CLICK HERE TO JOIN) There was a lot of heaviness, so I know that some of us are carrying some serious burdens. I continued clearing until I felt the Light streaming through. I hope you are able to feel it too. 

The message that I felt from the Angels today was:  FOCUS

When we focus on certain things in our lives it helps them to grow, so it's really important to notice what we focus on throughout the day. For example, if you find yourself thinking about how much you hate your job, you're probably going to hate it even more. But, if you focus on your new job search, you will not be as easily irritated by your current position. 

Invite yourself to notice all of the things you focus on throughout the day. If they are not in alignment with what you'd like to see in your life, take time to shift your focus. The more you practice this, the easier it will get, and eventually you will see your new focus happening naturally. Just keep at it. 

Speaking of focus, there are almost 6000 of us in this group. If we focus together, imagine the miracles we could create! This morning, the Angels suggested that I create an energy bath mp3 specifically for our group, to help us all come together as a solid force of healing for each other. I will have it done in time for next Sunday's session. So excited to share it with you. Happy Healing!

Deborah Lighthart​