Day #22 of the 22 Day Energy Healing Exercise

We did it! We cleared energy for 22 days straight! Today is a day for celebration. The energies that I felt were of deep gratitude and joyous celebration. So, let's celebrate all of the new energy patterns we have created, no matter small we may think our shifts are, they are shifts and should be celebrated. You can do that by:

~ Posting your changes here in the group, so that we can all cheer for you

~ Standing up and clapping for yourself. 

~ Doing your own little "happy dance"

~ Lighting a candle

~ Making a toast

~ Whatever else you'd like to do to celebrate!

Lastly, let's offer thanks for the assistance from our Guardian Angels + Spirit Guides, thanks to each and every person here in our group since we all shine a light for one another that helps to facilitate our healing, and let us offer thanks to ourselves for opening up to receive all of the healing that we can and for releasing the burdens that we have been carrying. 

Blessings of Love + Light,
Deborah Lighthart