Day #21 of the 22 Day Energy Healing Exercise

Today, I was guided to share the prayer that I used to call on healing energy for all of us. I felt it in my heart that as we near the end of our 22 day experience, that it could be helpful to have some tools to help keep the good vibes growing in your lives. So, here it is:

Holy Father of Heavenly Light, I ask you to be with us. Please shine into us and into our lives. Please light our path, and give us clarity and insight. Please reveal the Universal truth and help us to remember our infinite power. Thank you for all of these blessings and so much more. 

Sacred Mother of Earthly Life, I ask you to be with us. Please flow into us and into our lives. Please clear away our burdens and give us strength and nurturance. Please support us and show us the way to shine our light into the world. Thank you for all of these blessings and so much more. 

I hope these messages and healing energies help to bring some Light into your life. For those who did not see my recent posts, I will be sending energy healing to all in this group around 8am CDT every day for 22 days. I would love to see what kind of shifts happen in your life, so I'm asking that people post updates whenever they can.

This healing exercise is for anyone who joins this group: If you know someone who could benefit from some good vibes in their lives, please feel free to add them. Since the group is public, you can message me directly if you need to maintain privacy.

Some people in our group have been experiencing some uncomfortable physical and emotional release. Here's a list of helpful tips for handling energy shifts:

Happy Healing, Everyone! Looking forward to seeing your updates.

Blessings of Love + Light,
Deborah Lighthart

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