Day #11 of the 22 Day Energy Healing Exercise

When I started the healing session today, my Angels began to explain how our strong emotions charge the patterns in our lives, helping them to get stronger and to repeat. When we really love something, we are creating more of it. When we really hate something, we are creating more of that. Part of the reason for doing emotional cleansing is to wash away the emotions that are attached to energy patterns that we do not want to live in anymore. So, for all who have been feel extra emotional release, know that it's clearing the way for new patterns to be created in your life. Do your best to relax, heal and release. May the Angels guide you through your healing journey with so much love and comfort.

I also picked up some energies around dealing with addiction. Whatever the addictions you may have, (alcohol, drugs, food, tv, sex, etc,) whatever you are using to escape the present moment is only keeping your from healing it. I asked that Spirit give you the strength to face your daily dramas, to find the gift in the present moment and to let go of your need to abuse your body. May you always take pleasure in the person that you are. Because in all your human imperfection, you are just perfect. So, freaking beautifully, wonderfully perfect. 

I hope these messages and healing energies help to bring some Light into your life. For those who did not see my recent posts, I will be sending energy healing to all in this group around 8am CDT every day for 22 days. I would love to see what kind of shifts happen in your life, so I'm asking that people post updates whenever they can.

This healing exercise is for anyone who joins this group: If you know someone who might like to try it, feel free to add them. Since the group is public, you can message me directly if you need to maintain privacy.

Some people in our group have been experiencing some uncomfortable physical and emotional release. Here's a list of helpful tips for handling energy shifts:

Happy Healing, Everyone! Looking forward to seeing your updates.

Blessings of Love + Light,
Deborah Lighthart