Animal Totem Dreams

Dear Deborah,

Hi! I was poking around on that website you linked to me about what animals may mean in dreams, and now I'm wondering: Does trying to dream of a specific animal or symbol still "count" for anything, or does the "trying" defeat the purpose of encountering it? (I hope that makes sense. I'm supposed to be asleep already! lol)

- Rebekah Conard

Dear Rebekah,

I think it's absolutely wonderful to reach out to spirit animals and ask for their assistance. They are like Guardian Angels of the earth realms. They love to help us and guide us and are happy to answer the call when we need them.

If you are consciously creating an intention to connect with a specific animal, it is more likely that you will get a response from that specific animal. If you just leave yourself open to a message from anyone, you will get whatever animal totem is most helpful to you right now.

Overall, "Trying" to connect is a great step in beginning to connect. So, go ahead keep trying! They will respond to you in some way or another.

Deborah Lighthart

PS - I posted an image of a black panther, since it is my personal animal totem. 
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