A Message from Spirit

Today, I was praying and meditating. I asked Spirit to bless everyone in my Facebook Energy Healing + Spirit Messaging Group (which is a public group, feel free to join if you like). As I was finishing the healing, I invited the Angels to share a message. This is what I heard from Spirit:

"Let me in. Let me into your darkest shadows. Let me into your deepest wounds. Into your tender, broken heart. Let me into the places that you hide from the world and let me love them. Let me bring all that you need to heal and grow. Let me turn your suffering into to success. Let me wash through you and carry away your pain, leaving you with just a peaceful, easy feeling. Let me into your sweet wonderful soul, for that is where I truly long to be. Let me into your daily life, into your work and your play. Let me into your quiet and into your chaos. Let me into every single part of you, so that I can remind you of the Truth. The Truth that you are me and I am you. And we are One. We are love. We are life. We are light. All of this, I need to remind you. So, please, just let me in."