Crystal Healing DIY

This was my healing team this morning! Crystal healing is so easy to do for yourself. And so affordable too. :) Sometimes, knowing how someone else is doing things, helps you decide how you can do them for yourself. So, I wanted to share this experience for anyone wanting to explore a little DIY energy healing. 

Today, I used this clear quartz gateway dow on my crown. I put it on a pillow so that the base would touch the very center of the top of my head. This is great for clearing your mind to connect to the divine. Also, an excellent way to clear karmic lessons from the 8th chakra (basically any stuff that is repeating in your life from previous lifetimes).

The black tourmaline was placed at the base of my spine. It's a fantastic stone for grounding and balancing. It transforms negative or stagnant energy into positive flowing life force. The clear quartz/black tourmaline combo is said to be the most powerful healing combination available. I can attest to that! It's one of my personal favorites.

Lastly, the stone in the center is called "Aqua Aura." When I put it over my 3rd eye, I could feel the energy of the stone reaching through my entire face! I've never been much into man-made stones, but this one changed my mind. As tiny as it is, it packed a surprisingly powerful "punch." I did all of the chakras between my crown and root with it, holding it in place until each one felt done.

So, there's my crystal healing regiment for today. Hope it helps you to explore some of your own. Most of my stones have been gifted to me by friends and clients, but when I buy stones, I usually get them from Free Spirit Crystals in Butler, WI. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below, or contact me with any of the links on the right (in the "About Me" section). Good luck choosing your own stones and Happy Healing!

Deborah Lighthart