Soulmates to Strangers

My blog's theme this summer is "Summer Love," so I'm collecting soulmate, twinflame and other love stories to post. Sharing our stories helps to inspire each other, strengthen our understanding of love and explore ways help us to heal. Please forward your stories to me by EMAIL Your story can remain anonymous, if you prefer.
Love, Deborah Lighthart

Unfortunately it has not lead to a happy ending. But 3 years ago in the summer I met this man and immediately there was a connection I wasn't able to understand at the time. I am in a very complicated situation. I am and was unhappily married at the time. At first we just talked in passing. I'm not new to relationships and had been in many and married before. Something was completely different. Like an instantaneous connection. We got closer. After the two of us being together one day, at the time, another friend mentioned to me that I seemed so happy lately, happier than they had ever seen me be. I realized that every time we sat together talking I was extremely happy and walked around for days smiling. I thought about it. I had been married before and I had never been this happy. Just talking to him brightened my entire day. Then one day he moved to another place and watching him drive away I think I actually felt my heart break in two. We talked occasionally the past two years and I don't think I have missed someone this much. I know that there is something between us that has changed everything. My heart & soul won't let go and I cry every time I see him. He is the last thing I think about at night & the first thing when I awaken in the morning. I'm completely lost without him. 

To make matters harder while we were together I got pregnant. I didn't want him to feel trapped and didn't know what to do. So I did at the time what I thought was best for him. He was recently divorced himself and I didn't want him to feel trapped so I didn't tell him. Well before I could figure out for sure what to do I lost the baby at 16.5 weeks. Then he moved. That night I wanted him there so badly, but I hadn't told him. So that night I was all alone. I grieve for that child still and joined an online group recently. I share some of their post/pictures to only close friends. About a month ago he started reading back on my page and pieced it together. At first he had general questions, "why hadn't I told him, etc." where he was a little upset, but understanding. When he realized I named the child on a registry & what I named him he became furious and verbally abusive. He told me to shut my mouth and never say anything to anyone. He asked me how I could even know what I was having? I have other children boys & a girl. I explained after having been pregnant with both I saw the similarities in pregnancies and with the heart rate, I just knew I was having a boy. Now we don't even speak because he din't want to even see anything about him (the baby). I can't seem to go beyond just existance, I miss him, our friendship, everything. I'm so lost without him years later... 

It's like a part of my heart and Soul left with him. Even though our last conversation was heartbreaking and cold on his part. I still love him and want that friendship back. So Lost without him in my life. :'(