NEPAL UPDATE: Donations transformed into shelters

Here's an update from my dear friend Hollis who is raising money to help Nepal. If you'd like to make a donation, you can EMAIL HOLLIS HERE
Love, Deborah

Dear Friends,
This week with your donations eight metal shelters were built and are now being occupied by eight families in the village of Chovar. Having all lost their homes, they have been living in tents, which would be completely unusable as soon as the monsoon season starts.

Nepal Mandal TV Help Mission is a broadcasted program to support earthquake victims throughout Nepal. They show the problems of the victims and work as a mediator between victims, supporters and donors. As people watch the show, they see what has been done and if they are in need, they contact the program.

Dash lal has been working with his friend, one of the TV reporters, to find the best way to use your donations. He was interviewed for the TV last week from the village that now has the new shelters. Dash lal told me the villagers were so happy and grateful for their new homes. 

They prepared a special lunch for Dash lal and his family to express their gratitude. The TV station printed out posters with pictures and first names of the donors. Each shelter had a poster up on the outside temporarily. 

The posters give the families a chance to connect with us, by seeing some of our faces, which felt important to me. It is not just a nameless, faceless donation, but a way for people to connect to people across the continents.

When I saw these pictures (below), it starting sinking in that this really is making a difference. Thank you again for all your donations, you are making such a difference in the lives of these families. As you can imagine, it's hard for me to wait until November when Dash lal will take me to Chovar to meet these families.

Sanjeev, Dash lal's nephew, videotaped part of the TV interview with his uncle. He was kind enough to translate it for us. Here is the link:  

If you don't immediately see the subtitled text when you start the video, click on the "CC" button on the right bottom of the screen.
he entire broadcast can be seen at:  It is in Newari but well worth watching, as you will see the people who were helped, as well as inside the new shelters. The segment with Dash lal and Chovar village starts at minute 15:00. It runs for about 8 minutes.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Children in their new home.

Dash lal receiving a ceremonial kata (scarf) from the villagers
Special lunch prepared for Dash lal's family by villagers

Poster of donors outside the shelter
Inside a shelter
Four more shelters are above these. Dash lal in lower right corner taking pics

View from the shelters

Together, we have raised over $6,000. Then last week I received a moving and generous $5,000 donation from the Sisters of St. Anne, a Roman Catholic religious order founded in 1850 to promote the education of rural children. Health care, education, student ministry, and social advocacy are their forms of ministry. They currently teach in Haiti, Chile, Canada, and Cameroon, and are the founders of Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA. This is where I come in…I taught at Anna Maria over ten years ago and became friends with Sister Jackie who facilitated this heartfelt donation.