Keeping Him Interested....

Very inspiring story. Repin if you liked it?
I spent most of my adult life learning how to "keep him interested." I studied the art of flirtation and seduction until I knew it like the back of my hand. I learned how to be what "he" wanted me to be, even if that "he" changed to a different "he." I learned how to make him the perfect sandwich and when to bring the beer. I learned how to be sparkling and sensual, how to love him and leave him wanting more, because after all, for men, it was all about the chase, right? I learned how to play my cards right, so I could win at this game of love. And for a few years, I felt like I was winning. I was charming and delightful. The men in my life adored it. And so did I.

And then Spirit brought me to a man that broke all of that down. A man that taught me no matter how much I bent over backwards, it would never be good enough for him. A man that taught me that no matter how honest and kind I was, that he was not going to be honest and kind back. A man that taught me that no matter how much constant love and affection I lavished on him, he was still going to seek his refuge in another woman's bed. That no matter how much I did to "keep him interested," he was not going to stay interested. And in this dark, painful part of my life, I began to understand this one simple truth. Keeping him interested was not my job. It was his. 

I'm sharing this father's letter because I'd love for every woman, everywhere to know that she is worthy and wonderful, just the way she is. And any man who can't see that is only blinded by his own woundedness. Many of our men are broken, deep down in their soul. They may look great on the surface, but their hearts have been twisted out of shape, so that they are not able to love wholly and completely. We may not be able to love them into wholeness, but we can love ourselves and in doing so, maybe we can create a ripple effect... or maybe a 100th monkey theory... I don't know what really, but maybe something that will help awaken us all to what love really is and how we can live it.