Nepal Update

Here is an update for the relief efforts of my friend, Hollis Burkhart, in Nepal as well as a link to a recent radio show. 

Dear Friends,

Dash lal has gone to visit some of the hardest hit villages with his friend, who is a TV broadcaster. They want to provide housing for 8 of the poorest families with children in the village of Chobar. The housing consists of metal and is sturdy enough for the families to be able to stay in them for extended periods of time, unlike the cottages that just have the metal roofing material. They cost $300 each so there is still a substantial amount of money left for additional projects. (Over $5,000 raised so far!)

The broadcaster raised the idea of having a donor picture in each shelter and it occurred to me it would be ideal to have pictures of all those who have contributed. So, if you are willing to email me a picture by Wednesday, I will get them to Dash lal in time for his return to the village with the broadcaster. They will be doing a TV special about the donating of these shelters this coming weekend. I will be including first names with the pictures.

I plan on putting together a collage of all the photos for the shelters so the people there will know how ordinary people like themselves have helped them; that we're not just faceless contributors from a far away country.

Here is the information Dash lal received from his friend about the aluminum shelters:

It is big enough for 1 family. It seems like a small house for 5 or 6 persons. It is covered with aluminium from all sides and roof. It has 3 windows, 1 door. It is nearly 11*12 feet in size and height is enough to stand up in every corner. It keeps people safe from rain, wind. Today it is raining. Monsoon is coming very near. The victims need safe shelter before rain. Victims are in big trouble without safe shelter.