Nepal Relief Update

The following letter is from a very dear friend of mine who has close connections in Nepal that she has been helping them for years. She has been especially active lately with all that has happened due to the recent earthquakes. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Hollis via EMAIL HERE


Dear Friends,

Thanks to your heartfelt generosity and support, I have been able to send Dash lal $4,766—all raised in the last three weeks! He has spent less than one fourth of it so far, purchasing 13 dozen aluminum roofing sheets for the villagers to make temporary shelters until they can rebuild their homes. 

Everything has basically been on hold as the aftershocks keep coming, and the rains are starting, causing landslides and more collapsing of the homes. Dash lal said many, many people are still living in tents and most people are not going into their homes, unless it is just the ground floor. It is still not safe to go to the upper levels. (When he was visiting a village yesterday, the villagers wanted him to come upstairs in their homes to the damage and he politely declined!)

His family has been in and out of their home numerous times. When they think the aftershocks are diminishing, they come home, and then there is another big one and they are all back sleeping outdoors, where it is very hot, humid, many mosquitoes, and often rainy. there have been over 300 aftershocks since April 25. When they are home, they all are sleeping in two rooms on the lower level for safety,  7 in one room.

He and a friend went to the village of Nala yesterday and spoke with the village chairman who said they had received sufficient aluminum sheets for now. Because they are all farmers he said they don't need food. I was surprised at the size of their potato crop--this is all they are living on for now.

The villagers told Dash lal an interesting story about their temple dedicated to the god Bhagabati. It is believed that something bad would happen in Nepal if the god ever sweated. About four months ago, the people saw the sweat on the god's body for the first time. So the earthquake didn't surprise them. 

This is the temple to Bhagabati in Nala.

Dash lal was unable to go into the countryside until recently because there were so many landslides occurring. He said 34 aid workers were killed in a landslide when they went to a village to help. He plans on going to another, more remote village, in a few days as he heard they are in need of the roofing sheets. He also told me he felt that soon the international aid will stop being supplied and that's when the money we have raised will be particularly needed. 

Thanks to your support, his niece's family will now be provided with the roofing sheets for temporary shelter. When we Skyped yesterday, he said his eldest sister had called him after she heard he had supplied the roofing sheets to the village I wrote about in my last email. She said her daughter's family's house had collapsed and asked if he could help them. Instead of just buying them, he told me about it. I was quick to tell him that of course he should get them whatever they need, just as he would for people in the remote villages! 

Part of the village he visited with the potato fields and temporary shelters.

One of the buildings of the village, still standing, with cracks.

Same village, more severe damage.

I will continue to update you as I get news of how your donations are being used to help the people in Nepal.