Intention Setting for Selling Your Home

Selling a house can be very stressful. It's one of life's biggest changes. So, it's no surprise that a lot of people call a psychic when they decide to sell their home. 

As a professional reader, people often ask me, "When will my house sell?" I am always happy to read on whatever questions people have, since knowing what to expect from your future helps you to navigate it more smoothly. Readings are a great way to gps through challenging times. I also know that we create our own reality and whatever we see in a reading is only based on the current energies at play in your life, so the true question (to me) is: "How can I create a quick, easy sale of my home?"

I like to share tools to help you change your life, I wrote an intention/affirmation that you can use to help get the energies aligned for a quick and easy sale. I recommend lighting a candle, since fire energy is very powerful for making things happen in your life. It doesn't matter what kind of candle really, but a long burning candle will help hold the intention longer.

Feel free to read this as is or to rewrite it in your words. The most important thing is to speak from your heart. When you let your heart speak with full conviction, it creates a powerful force of energy within you that unleashes a wave of change out into the world around you. So, say it like you mean it!

"Calling all angels of heaven and earth, asking that they step forward into this space and time, aligning our intentions with the divine sale of this home. May we attract the perfect buyer at the perfect time and agree to the perfect price. As I light this flame, I ignite all of the energies needed to manifest my intention. (then, light your candle) With a grateful and loving heart, I receive this blessing. Amen."