FREE Energy Bath for Summer Solstice

This energy healing meditation session was recorded on the Summer Solstice of 2015. We had special guest Premakarini join us for the call. Enjoy!
Deborah Lighthart

PS. If you are listening from an iphone, ipad or mac, you may need to DOWNLOAD THE MP3 HERE and put it into your itunes account. Sometimes, i-things don't recognize files that are not in itunes.

I now release all energy patterns, emotions, circumstances, thoughts, beliefs + behaviors that created these barriers in my reality. I remove all of the roots within myself that created it, through all space, time, dimensions and realities, from this lifetime or any other, releasing all karmic ties, karmic debts + soul lessons. I offer my gratitude for all that I have learned from these patterns and my love and forgiveness for all in my world that helped me to do so.

I now allow all aspects of my consciousness, my body, emotions, mind + spirit to become completely aligned with the energies of my current intention. I open myself to all of the resources I need to become this new pattern and to live it wholly and fully with every aspect of my being.