Deborah Yogas

This week, I took my first official yoga class! I've played around with videos and poses for many years, but I've never taken an actual class. I decided that it's time to GET REAL with it. I've spent a lot of years healing my spirit, mind + emotions. It's about time I get serious about healing my body too.

Now, I have to begin by telling you that I looked NOTHING like the serene, well yoga'd beauty in this photo. In fact, I probably looked a lot like a chubby, half-tied holiday bow, with unruly body parts flailing out in all directions.

I couldn't sit properly. Or bend properly. Or hold any of the poses properly. But, I showed up and did my best. The instructor was so patient and kind. And when I left, I could tell that my body had let go of some stress. I felt light flowing in areas that it's never flowed in before. That's always a good thing.

Yoga is all about getting comfortable in really UNcomfortable positions. 

And mastering that lesson can help you master pretty much anything in life, so I'm all in. My class was with Kitty Downey at Mosaic Wellness in Germantown, WI. If you ever wanna join me, I'd love to yoga with you.
Love,  Deborah Lighthart