Question about Pendulums + Dowsing

Dear Deborah, 
I tried dowsing, with good results at the beginning and now it seems I totally lost it. I have a special needs child and dowsing would help me a lot with dowsing supplements, treatments, etc. Can you dowse for me why I "lost it" or what keeps me from getting the right results? Is that something you can dowse for? Thank you!
- conny shupe

Dear Conny,
This is a great question. Thanks so much for asking. First of all, the fact that your pendulum was working well for you in the beginning is great to hear. It can be a fantastic tool for tuning in to your instincts and intuition. There are a few reasons why dowsing might not be working well for you right now. 

1 - Your personal energy field may be overloaded
In our world, there is so much energy coming at us all the time. Sometimes, our system can literally just get over-run with energy. If you can spend some time in nature or soak in a bath of sea salts + baking soda, it can help release the tension and stress you are carrying and then your energy field can get back to normal. Yoga also helps a lot with clearing your energy field.

2 - Your emotional attachment may be interfering
If you have a strong emotional charge about the outcome of a question, you may not get a correct answer. You can actually ask your pendulum, "Do I have any emotional attachments that are affecting the response to this question?" If you get a "yes" to that question, then you need to do something to release the emotion, like venting all of your raw uncensored emotions into a journal, or trying techniques like EMDR or EFT.

3 - Your energy field may be depleted
When you are running on empty, it can be very hard to get an accurate answer from your pendulum. Energy can be depleted due to high stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, imbalanced/unhealthy relationships, etc. The best thing you can do to balance this is to do whatever you feel might help you recharge. Try to think of something that would make you feel rejuvenated and explore that. It can be different for everyone. I love meditation and crystal healing. You might recharge with something else. Whatever your fuel is, find it and fill up. 

Once you've taken some steps to balance yourself. Try your pendulum again and see if it responds more clearly. If not, come back and let me know.

PS - My friend Mary Baxter specializes in dowsing and would like to add the following recommendations: Wash, cleanse and bless your pendulum often, Consciously connect in light every time you ask a question, and drink water.