Dear Deborah,
I don't know if any of you can help me or not, but i am currently trying every possible thing i can to make this better. I have chronic soft tissue damage in both feet, and for the past 6 months i have been in and out of a wheelchair. I am doing everything i can to heal- i've seen various doctors and specialists, physical therapy 3x a week, lots of stretching and exercises, acupuncture, medications, tried lydocaine injections, i work out, I've been eating SUPER healthy (packing in the nutrients and cutting out most processed foods). I've made a little improvement but after half a year i still can't walk more than 3 blocks on a good day. Anything suggested will be tried and appreciated. blessed water? healing stones? herbs? i don't care, i just want my life back. 

Dear Anonymous,
It sounds like you already already implementing a lot of physical treatments, which all sound pretty fantastic. Maybe in addition to what you are doing for your physical body, you could explore some emotional or spiritual treatments... Sometimes the body carries blocked emotional tensions or spiritual energies that are not released until they are brought into full awareness. For example someone who allows too much negativity into their lives may suffer from candida overgrowth. They can use yeast killers from now until doomsday, if they don't stop the negativity, they will continue to develop the issue. My guess is that you feet are holding a message for you. You could start by asking yourself, "If my feet could talk, what would they say? how do they feel? what they need most right now?" That may sound like a silly thing to do, but your body respond to your thoughts and feelings, so if you are loving and honoring your feet and their needs, you will find they will heal a whole lot better. In addition, to your own conscious awareness work, you could try visiting a good energy healer or someone who does emotional release work. They may be able to help you find the missing links. Wishing you the best of luck in your journey.