Energy Bath Community Newsletter - April 2015

Newsletter April 2015

Energy Bath Community Newsletter

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LET'S CONNECT! Spring is finally beginning to spring! At least a little. Living in wintery Wisconsin, I spent most of the snow season hibernating and working from home. Now that the weather is warming up, I'm ready to get out in the world and meet with you face-to-face! I've got some events lined up in Wisconsin and Rhode Island. You can CHECK THEM OUT ON MEETUP. If you (or anyone you know) would like to host an Energy Bath, a 6 Week Program, a Day Retreat, AngelSpeaK, Tarot Class or Dream Workshop, just let me know. I'd love to share some space and time with you.

ASK DEBORAH! I've been super loving all the questions that have been coming in lately. We've had questions about healing, dreams, dowsing and more. It's great because it helps me to share information that is actually relevant to what YOU want to know. If you have questions about your personal healing process, about energy medicine, spiritual development, intuitive awareness or anything in that genre, please ASK AWAY! 
I'll post responses daily on the blog and if you prefer to remain anonymous, just say the word.

SHARE YOUR FAVES! Please remember that our community blog is for all of us. I don't know everything there is to know about everything, so we need your input too. The theme for April is "Eat. Pray. Love." You can forward your favorite recipes, prayers, affirmations, stories, photos + videos to: 

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Job Opening in Mequon, WI
Tarot by Email ONLY $5
Energy Bath in Milw, WI (east) 9am-11am 4.12
Energy Bath in Germantown, WI 1pm-3pm 4.18
Milwaukee Healing Spirit Expo in Milw, WI 11am-5pm 4.19
Energy Bath Day Retreat in Greendale, WI 9am-4pm 4.26

Energy Baths 8pm-9pm Every Thu
FREE Energy Bath for Survivors of Sexual Abuse 12pm-1pm 4.22
FREE Ask Deborah Live Chat 12pm-1pm 4.8
FREE Global Love Meditation 12pm-1pm 4.15
FREE AngelSpeaK Message Chat 12pm=1pm 4.29
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