Angel Messages 4.1.2015

In addition to the free remote Reiki session this afternoon, my day has been completely full of private phone readings and a sick little 8yo son, so it took me a while to get to a space where I could gather the message that I received during our healing session today. Sorry it took so long! Thanks for your patience. :) Here's what I picked up:
1 - Mother Earth is aligning to help us raise our vibrations right now. This is showing up in many different ways for us. Some of us are being stopped in our tracks, so that we slow down and do the healing that we really need to do. Many of us are being walked into our painful spaces so that we can move through them, releasing lifetimes of karmic baggage that we are carrying. This is a powerful time for healing and a perfect time to do any type of healing work.
2 - All of our challenges happen to help us develop specific energies within our spirit. If we focus on the energy that is being developed, allow ourselves to fully embody it, we can let go of the challenge that created the lesson. For example, people can experience illness because they need to receive love and compassion from the world around them. If you focus on receiving all the love, you will not need the illness. If you are creating situations that require forgiveness in your life, you can release the need to do so by giving yourself to the energy of forgiveness more deeply. So, if you are suffering in any area of your life, ask yourself, "What energies am I developing in this situation? How can I become that energy and release the need to teach myself about it?"

3 - And the 3rd thing I sensed today was that we are all being guided and assisted every step of the way, it's just that sometimes we are not aware of it. The Guardian Angels are always near, trying to help us put together the puzzle pieces of our lives, offering new solutions to our problems. Solutions that we may not be able to see from where we stand. When we relax and become soft/receptive to Their guidance, our lives become increasingly easier. Know that we are never alone. NEVER. The best thing we can do is rest in that knowledge and trust in that guidance.

I hope that helps you all on your journey. Wishing you all the best that life can bring.