a Question about Dreams

Dear Deborah,
I have a question about dreams. I will go for periods where I won't think very much about my ex-boyfriend and then I will have a very vivid and emotion filled dream about him, some times even a few nights in a row.  Once that happens I start missing him a lot.  It feels like his presence is around me even though I know it's not.  I'm not saying I want to stop the dreams because in some ways it feels kind of nice.

I have tired to email and text him just to say hi and see how he's doing, but he doesn't respond. I'm just wondering if the dreams mean anything or if it's just random. 

Dear Anonymous,

Many times we dream of people because we are connecting with them in the astral realm. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the only connection we have with them. Sometimes they are just not available to connect with us in the earth plane. If you find comfort in the soul connection that is happening and can accept it for what it is, then relax and let the dreams happen. If it is disturbing or too painful for you, you can disconnect the energetic ties between you and that could help to end the dreams.