What is this?

Dear Deborah,

I found this hanging on the wall at the hotel where I work. Do you know what it is? Is it good? or bad?



Dear Anonymous,

This appears to be what is called a "medicine bundle." It is generally made by Native Americans, but can be made by other tribal people, as well as New Agers. It usually contains items that people would use for sacred ritual and prayer, or for personal protection. 

It could be filled with things like tobacco, herbs, crystals, stones or any other items that the owner felt would offer a stronger connection to Great Spirit. Most often, bundles like this are used for positive prayerful purposes, so there is no harm in carrying one. 

Whenever I have "lost" a sacred item somewhere that I cannot reclaim it, I trust that Spirit will guide it to whoever needs it and bless them with the love and healing that it once brought me. Perhaps the owner of this lovely little bundle is doing the same. 

Love + Light,
Deborah Lighthart