To All My Fellow Healers....

To All My Fellow Healers: 

I just had a woman (who has never actually seen me as a client) tell me that my services were basically something she can do herself for free and my prices are too high. If she had stumbled into my life 15 years ago, her words may have knocked me down. I probably would have cried and felt worthless. But, I've been in business for a very long time with literally thousands of satisfied customers, so all it did was make me laugh. How could she even try to place a value on a service she has never experienced?

If you are a practitioner of any sort, you are probably going to run into nonsense like this at some point. When you do, first consider if there is any truth in what they are saying. If there is, you can restructure your work accordingly. If not, I invite you to join me in a good chuckle. Some people need to complain and they'll lodge their complaints anywhere they can. Don't let it dim your light. Just keep shining like the rockstar that you are.

Deborah Lighthart