Is there such a thing as an "Energy Flu"?

Hello Deborah!
Thank you for sharing reiki every Sunday. My first time doing it. I truly appreciate your love and time for people you don't even know. I have to ask you something. I can't find it know but earlier somewhere you had posted about a spiritual flu. How much do you know about that? I find it interesting because about a week before 2/20 i had awful flu symptoms, I missed work, body aches, headaches and the worst sinus pain ever. The next day was very mild so I returned to work. The funny thing... my boss took a 3D scan to see my sinuses and nothing showed. It made me look like a liar and that I just looked for an excuse to stay home. What's that exactly about. I wanted to read the post again but I can't find it. Thanks again for being who you are. Have a wonderful Sunday

More questions, how often does it happen? How can I find out when the next one is? I appreciate all your knowledge and information! Blessings to you and all your work
- anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you so much for your question. Yes, indeed! We can go through a energetic detoxification that feels a lot like a cold or flu. Doctors may not see any virus in your system, but during this kind of cleansing, your will feel all the same symptoms. It usually passes within 24-72 hours and can be triggered by many things. Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides may have just sent you a healing. You may have made a breakthrough in your soul's evolution. Your energy field may have just moved up to a new vibration and your body needs to "clean house" to vibrate at your new frequency. 

It happens differently for different people. Some people experience it frequently, while others may only happen once every few years. Your body/mind/spirit will process on the timeline that is right for you. So, it's really just about paying attention to your own rhythms and your own process. Are you familiar with using a pendulum to ask questions of your Higher Power + Guardian Angels? That can be a quick and easy way to find out.
Some people may feel like "it's all in their head," but a detox is as real as the flu and can make you feel just as crummy. Trust your body to do what it needs to do to rid itself of excess baggage. Treat yourself gently and lovingly, just as if you were actually sick, and it will pass relatively quickly.
Love + Light,