Dear Woman,

Dear Woman,

Do you realize the beauty that you are? Are you aware of the infinite treasure that lies within you? Do you hear the truth and the wisdom that whispers through your heart? Do you see the incredible talents and skills that you bring to the world? The special things that ONLY YOU can do? The special way that ONLY YOU can be?

Do you know that every piece of you is beautiful? Your laughter. Your tears. Your body. Your soul. Your pain. Your power. They are all beautiful. Do you remember that you are a goddess and that you need to be honored and cherished as one? Do you know that when someone in your world isn't able to see that about you, that you need to see that about yourself? 

Do you recognize that we are all connected? That we women are all a part of each other, strengthening, supporting, mirroring and growing each and every piece of us. Do you see how much we need each other? And how when we tear each other down, we are only hurting ourselves? Do you know valuable every single woman is and how we all fit together to create the force of the Divine Feminine that flows throughout this sweet planet of ours? How we are all made of Mother Earth and how together, we ARE her?

Dear, sweet, lovable, beautiful woman, do you know that without you, the world would never be the same? That your dreams and goals and ideas are SO important because as they spring from your heart into the world they share love that ONLY YOU can share? Do you know, sweet woman, how incredibly important that is? How incredibly important YOU ARE?

If you do not know this yet, I am telling you now. I am asking you to step into this awareness within you and inviting you to listen to your heart. I am encouraging you to empower the gentle wisdom of womanhood that is in your soul, to be the woman that you KNOW you are. I am asking you to throw down your judgments and insecurities and to embrace the sisterhood in your spirit, feeling your connection to all women, everywhere. 

We are the embodiment of centuries of feminine evolution and growth. We are the energy of Love. Grace. Gratitude. Peace. Prosperity. Harmony. Happiness. Creativity. Compassion. AND SO MUCH MORE. We are every tear that has been shed and every smile that has shined through it. We are the reflection of every woman's struggle throughout history. And the reflection of her victory. We are the strength and the power needed to sustain humanity. Your heart beats to bring life into the world, even if the only life you bring is your own. It's time to bring it. Bring it hard. Bring it clear. And bring it true. The world needs you to be SO beautifully you.