Dealing with Pain

Dear Deb,

I have been practicing energy healing on myself, along with HK practitioners (2 years) CURRENTLY: Reiki/massage therapist/chiropractor/Cranio Sacral therapy/QiGong and Yoga/Meditation/Inversion Table, and more to heal myself from neck and back injuries, and addiction to Narcotic pain meds and alcohol for 7 years, which I quit Cold Turkey on Christmas Day 2012 and alcohol on May 17 2013 with no outside help but Healing Energy...

Anyway, I am in some serious pain, which I only do essential oils and natural pain creams and supplements for. I was wondering if you have any ideas how to excel my healing and relieve this 8-9 pain levels? ... Thanks and Blessings on your purpose/'Calling'. (I believe it is my Calling also to heal people, I just need to heal myself first). I Am A Healer Too.

Light and Love,

Dear Doug,

Such a pleasure to meet you, Doug. You sound like such a strong and courageous soul. It takes a lot to face addictions like that on your own. I'd be happy to help you in any way I can, though it sounds like quite a regiment you already have in place. I feel like you may be carrying some shame and guilt which is causing you the pain. It feels as though it's on a cellular level, so it may be some burdens that you absorbed from your parents. Do you feel there is anything that you've ever done that might require forgiveness? If not you, what about your parents? When we carry pain like this so deep in our tissues that bodywork doesn't relieve it, it's usually because we have some strong emotional + spiritual components to face. I would recommend starting with asking yourself, "What am I ashamed of?" "What do I feel guilt about?" Get as real and honest as you can with yourself, as the answers to these questions will point you in the direction of your healing.

Love + Light,