Weeping Uncontrollably by David White

Weeping Uncontrollably
by David White

Right now you’re doing the laundry
feeling your favorite cotton shirt
made in China, Sri Lanka, Honduras

you look out at the sky - blue perhaps
gray drizzle - downpour - no matter

this moment opens // the mind grinds
the heart blossoms

you breathe in the air // hot electric air
fresh outdoor clothesline air // where ever air

this perfect moment, so beautiful
while over there the drought is on fire
and on the other side the river water
is waist high in the kitchen and
smelling of sewage

there’s mercury in my pan fish
melamine in the dog food
bright lead paint in the baby’s mouth
methamphetamines, mood-elevators,
growth hormones and erectile dysfunction
meds all pissed into the groundwater
and pumped back out fresh as mountain spring
into a mountain of plastic bottles

filter filter filter filter filter filter filter
filter seven times seven times seven
filtered with marketing so biblical
it’s not their fault - alone. Buyer beware.

we are in no mood now to list the great wonders
of the free market economy, for
and here’s the take-away line
if the free market economy were policing itself
we would be seeing more CEOs on wanted posters

(i can see myself drawing moustaches and glasses
and inking a cigarette on their thin lips and blacking
out a tooth. )

wearing a freshly-laundered
perfect cotton shirt // under a perfect sky
It is a perfect moment // for weeping uncontrollably

David's book, Lost and Found, is available now on Amazon at: amazon.com/author/davidlwhite and in the Milwaukee County Public Library System.