The Eyes of the Perpetual Traveler by Woken Soul

The Eyes of the Perpetual Traveler
by Woken Soul

The perpetual traveler always wonders which destination awaits next.  Anxiety becomes a friend and nothing seems to catch the traveler off guard.

The perpetual traveler finds comfort in chaos. Systems of structure do not fit in his lifestyle. He is not necessarily against structure, but he feels that his own growth cannot continue within any structure. The unknown is attractive. What is known by him is just a side note. His discussions revolve around what many would label as esoteric or mystic. He tends to delve into situations that cause discomfort; this allows him to discover different sides of himself. He does not believe in labels or human definitions. He stays away from common knowledge, what is considered common is not interesting to him.

He rather people view him in a lesser light. He does not like to attract attention nor does he want to be seen. His eyes analyze, but they do not judge. He enjoys putting himself in other people’s shoes. It becomes interesting to imagine how he would react in stressful situations. He goes with the flow but also challenges himself by sometimes swimming against it.

He wonders what others think, but does not dwell on this. Human behavior is one of his interests as it is a reflection of his own self. He enjoys stirring people’s emotions so that they can feel. He will disagree in order to allow a person to express themselves. He will sacrifice his own comfort so that another may feel comfortable. He will go to far reaching extents in order to allow others to feel welcome.

He wants to be out of his element so that he could discover more realities. For a long time he always tried to blend in, to fit in. He later realized that this was holding him back from discovering his true self. He finally turned a new page, and started to write his true future. He would finally write his own destiny, with no desires and no expectations for failure or success, just acceptance of all outcomes and situations of the adventure that he writes.

Because of his awareness and willingness to learn, signs and synchronicity appear on a  regular basis. He listens to his surroundings, while filtering out the noise. He appreciates light and accepts darkness.
He does not get offended, he does not take anything personally, he wears his heart on his sleeve with the ones he chooses as trust worthy, and if they break his trust, he moves on, he makes it clear to the one who broke the trust, but he does not hold on to it, he continues on his path.

His past is a blur, his future is uncertain, though his present is lived in complete clarity and certainty.
He seeks to be reminded of what he already knows. He seeks this knowledge from the ones whose awareness has reached beautiful heights.

He appreciates every connection, every person who visits, and every traveler who accompanies him on his journey. He accepts the passer by as much as he accepts the long term partners.

His growth depends on a combination of self-reflection and human interaction.

He appreciates the art of human emotion and expression, he appreciates the sounds of creation, but most of all, he appreciates silence, the language of God…through this, through this language, all becomes visible, and moments of clarity are recognized.