Tailoring Program Started

Here is a letter that I got from my dear friend, Hollis Burkhart. I want to thank all of my east coast customers for seeing me in person at her space, since a portion of the proceeds during every visit I have there goes to this project in Nepal.

Dear Friends,

I recently received pictures from Lalit Bikash School of the new sewing machines in place for the tailoring program, so I wanted to share these with you. This new program was made possible with all of your help and that of the Scituate, RI Rotary Club which provided a matching funds grant. The school's library is now well stocked with books you have donated, the children all have uniforms, some for the first time, new computers in the lab, and they have a loudspeaker system now for their morning exercises and announcement period. 

The next government school we've been helping, Adarsha Saral, has contacted the tailor in the shop next door to start measuring the students for uniforms. We have raised enough to provide uniforms for the 60 students there who cannot afford one. They will get uniforms as well as new shoes. I had hoped to provide school lunch but it would require over $3,000, so Dash lal and decided it was better to provide uniforms to everyone, than school lunch to only a few or school lunch to all for a very short period of time. The principal did receive some funding from a school in England to help with the school lunch program.

Thank you for all your help.


TN, the principal, is unlocking the door to the room designated for the new tailoring program.

Some of the new sewing machines, ready for the students.

Girls for first time seeing the new sewing machines.