Soul Dance by Woken Soul

Soul Dance

Just as the planets, the stars and every other entity in the universe make vibrational music for the source, we must do the same…this is important for our evolution of consciousness. 

In order to be at and in peace and constantly consciously connected to all of creation, we must harmoniously vibrate with all of creation. We must not only harmoniously vibrate, but we must vibrate at the rate that creation has intended for us. Just as every other entity in the universe, we have our place, and we must fulfil our duty.

Sing and dance in complete gratitude and bliss to creation and its creator. Let the body that your soul moves sway to the sounds of creation, allow it to feel the vibrations that connect us all to the one source. Allow the vibrations to energize your being, and to awaken your divine potential by connecting to the ultimate divinity, the source of all of creation.

Let the sounds that go up, down, twist and turn in perfect harmony take you on a journey into the worlds beyond the commonly known and felt senses. Let the sounds that come out of the body that your soul moves connect us all to the one source.

In gratitude and bliss we show our love for all of creation and for its ultimate creator, the one source. It is in complete appreciation that we sway, it is in complete acceptance that we whirl. It is our souls that are swaying and whirling the bodies they choose...It is how our souls entered this world, and it is how our souls can enter other worlds. Physically the body appears to be here, in this realm, but what your eyes do not see is that the soul is travelling…dancing through realms that cannot be described by words that men have created. 
The soul dances through these realms, it experiences and absorbs the divine energy that lifts the spirit and enhances its divine capacity. The vibrations are the waves that we travel on…through these movements, we travel, through these sways and whirls, we ride, we fly, and we become what we are truly meant to be…