Saturday Morning Tea by David L. White

Saturday Morning Tea
by David L. White

it’s morning me and the steam
of jasmine darjeeling honey tea

a golden hour semi-precious 
shimmering ephemera
an eternal momentary in between

this idea that I go on and on
you might easily beat it out of me 

rather than argue I would tell you 
I don’t know
it’s my favorite bright dark place

I don’t know and 
I do not have to know
now and when I do ... I do
simple like that

this apparent void perhaps to you
is not a call that fools rush in

nothing is broken - no need fix
plenty fixed already

it may be back to bed for me 
to flow and grab and let it go
to wrestle with language divine
I go on and on ... and on

David's book, Lost and Found, is available now on Amazon at: and in the Milwaukee County Public Library System.