Late Night Love Affair by Woken Soul

Late Night Love Affair
by WokenSoul

Words cannot describe the feeling that arises when gazing at her splendour.

My love for her is both unconditional and eternal.

My connection to her is undeniable.

The skies light up in her presence.

She comforts me like nothing else can.

She gives me hope when the sun stops shining.

She gives me strength when the darkness takes over.

Even when she is blue, she is still the most beautiful sight.

Every time I look at her, I get shivers up and down my spine.

If it weren’t for her, nothing would exist in my life.

If it weren’t for her, darkness would engulf my world every night.

I appreciate her more than anyone can imagine.

At night, when I look out my window, I see her gazing back at me.

Her eyes shining,

Her smile beaming...

Her gaze dances in every dark filled room.

She is the Moon, and I love her.