Deep Fall by David L. White

Deep Fall
David L. White © 2014

For awhile I thought something 
was bubbling over on the stove
but .. no

I am cooking. I know what’s up. 
We are having lentils and rice 
with seven spice I got today from
the bulk bin at Holy Land Grocery 

I suppose that drumming sound is 
simply the spotting rain that was 
promised all day, finally tuning up 
the asphalt shingles for a bit of a 
percussive supper.

This morning early I was listening
to a sitar in kirtan and this evening 
Baez singing Diamonds and Rust 
and Waltzing Matilda.

I am surprised I can hear anything
at all over my waterfall of tears.

It is deepening autumn in the 
upper midwest and dark is

already over me - deepening.

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