Any. Way. by David L. White

Any. Way.
by David L. White

Do not bother to stop and smell the roses. 
It is not the stopping or the smelling 
or the roses 
any. way.

First, you think you’re stopping 
but it’s restlessness and fidgiting ...
There’s a fly. Your stomach grumbles.
Leg cramps. Boredom. What time is it?
Oops ... sorry ... that’s sitting meditation.

And smelling? As if smelling will 
capture the rose and bring it home.

What of the other six senses? 
The sense of temperature, 
of pressure, pain, position in space, 
acceleration and the passage of time?

You might think this is just another rose 
in just another poem but the usually shy 
chrysanthemums are whispering with tulips.

I think I heard your name.


David's book, Lost and Found, is available now on Amazon at: and in the Milwaukee County Public Library System.