A Tribute to Mr. K by Woken Soul

A Tribute to Mr. K
by WokenSoul

It’s difficult for many of us not to complain about such trivial events or situations. It is difficult for many of us to realize that what we have is so precious.

It is difficult for many to understand that every breath we take is a breath that we should appreciate and every beat of your heart is a beat that should be cherished.

We forget about how grateful we should be of every blink of an eye

The feeling of cool rain drops hitting your skin

The smell of a fresh season on its way

The sound of birds chirping in the early morning

The feeling of warm sunshine hitting your cheeks

The smell of a familiar scent that brings memories surging forward

The sound of a favourite tune that allows your soul to reminisce

The feeling of a gentle caress from a lover

The taste of fresh water to quench your thirst

The feeling of comfort and relaxation when lying in bed after a long day

These moments can be appreciated to the fullest extent and beyond, with consciousness

These moments can bring a permanent form of bliss and happiness

It is difficult to recognize these moments if we are distracted by trivial situations and events.

It is difficult to appreciate these gifts when we concentrate on what we want rather than what we already have

Life is fragile; life is lived for these moments of gratitude.

The creator of all that is has given us the gift of free choice

The creator of all that is within and without has given us the gift of appreciation

The creator of all that breaths and all that beats has given us the opportunity to love endlessly

Love the creator, love yourself, love others…for one day, you will feel your last raindrop fall on your forehead, your eyes will see its last sunrise and sunset, you will smell your last winter, you will hear your last song, you will taste your last cup of water, you will feel your last caress from your lover…appreciate every moment, for life is fragile…the soul is eternal, but remember, this physical life is finite…

A person on the planet is losing someone close to them every second…appreciate your surroundings, appreciate who is beside you, for you never know when you will no longer be blessed with their presence…

With Love