A Short Love Story by Woken Soul

A Short Love Story
by WokenSoul

I sit here in a daze, thinking, feeling, and connecting.

Having the fierce drive for accomplishment with positive intentions is a gift.

Life is fragile, life is precious, life is mysterious, and I am grateful.

Simplicity is fruitful. Modesty is abundance.

Knowing within what is true is a gift that must be appreciated.

A lot of the time, the truth hurts, but the truth is what we must cherish.

Without truth, knowledge is truly useless.

You can spend an eternity learning nothing more than useless words.

Memorizing data is not knowledge, and truth will not be reached by their means.

Our lives only become true once we learn the truth about life.

We mustn’t let ourselves be swayed by all the lies that surround our regular societal lives.

This is why we need to love, to truly love, to love all that is within and all that is without.

If you can truly love, and be accepting of the hurt and the awe of love, then the truth of life is close to you.

Even when love hurts, we still love; just like when life hurts, we still live.

Our survival instinct for life is unquestionable just like our driving force for love is undeniable.

I understand that what matters is what we take for granted. What we overlook is what we need to cherish.

Simple, I love knowing it; I want to share it with you.

Our lives and the essence of every living thing depend on love.

Without love we cannot live.

Life is love.

We must love to live, and live to love.